Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Me cooking tea, Kiwi style!

Even the police here are chilled out!

16th Sep, Hastings blossom fare, they even had a cake for Sue's Birthday!

A few more pics of us on the slopes!

Sue stayed on the nusery slope! (With the toddlers!).

This is us with our instructer, Tom, having our first lesson!

12th Sep, this is us on the slopes!

There's transport for every pocket!

11th Sep, on our way to Whakapapa, to have a go @ Skiing!

8th Sep, a few old vehicles, still used, at the Hastings 50th anniversay of being "a city"!

September, a lake plane @ Taupo, & the inside of a Ponga!

Time to mow the lawn, with the new mower!

27th Aug. Spring is here, the blossom is on the trees!

20th Aug, Sue's new uniform for work! Very Glam!

17th Aug, Sue's Birthday! I even baked a cake!
Happy Birthday!

The valley below Te Mata peak!

12th Aug, a view of Te Mata peak, from the bottom!

Oops! Better throw this one back!

Sue drawing in the sand, while Bryan fishes!

23rd July, Beach fishing at Bay View, with Napier's "Hospital Hill" in the background!